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Is chicken and rice good for a dog with diarrhoea?

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Kylie Simons
Kylie Simons
Senior Veterinarian (Verified)

If you are reading this article then you may well have a dog suffering from diarrhoea. Firstly it’s important to make sure this isn’t a medical emergency that requires veterinary attention. Signs that your dog should see the vet include:
- vomiting and diarrhoea
- blood in stools or dark black tar like faeces
- signs of dehydration (such as dry gums or reduced skin elasticity)
- loss of appetite or lethargy

If your dog is otherwise well and you think it is just an upset tummy then I recommend a low residue diet that is low in fibre and low in fat.
A skinless chicken breast and some freshly cooked rice is an excellent choice for this, it is easily digested and allows your dogs bowel to rest and recover quickly.
Chicken and rice alone is not a balanced long term diet as it lacks all the vitamins and minerals needed, but as a short term solution for diarrhoea it can help.

Kylie graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2008.  After volunteering in the Cook Islands for a charity she settled in Guildford at a small animal practice for 3.5 years. In September 2012 Kylie started working at the Celia Hammond Animal Trust, since then she has been the lead surgeon at Ashmore Vets.

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