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A good diet is the key to health. Dogs are no different.

In short, good food equals happy, healthy dogs

The real benefits of a home cooked meal

In 2013 our family dog Holly was suffering with allergies, bloating and had no energy. None of the vet recommended dry foods or pills worked...

Then a friend recommended we try a simple diet of home cooked chicken and rice.

Within weeks Holly had completely changed. Full of energy, a beautiful coat and all her allergies had dissappeared.


We put our regular dog foods under the microscope

We spent 6 years researching all the major dog food brands (both kibble and meat) and found 3 common themes:


Overcooking at high temperatures removes all nutritional content

Full of preservatives

Toxic and difficult for your dogs digestive system

Just 4% meat

The average food contained only 4% meat (even the 'organic' ones)

We took those learnings and made something better

We assembled a team of nutritionists, dieticians, vets and pet owners to develop the best food possible

1. Real meat

No processed rubbish. Fresh from British farms

2. Complete nutrients

All the nutrients & vitamins that keep your dog healthy

3. Gently cooked

Keeping all the nutrients locked into the food

4. Frozen fresh

No preservatives or toxic additives required!

The Result:
Farm Fresh Nutrition

We’re committed to making the best possible dog food we can, with the highest quality ingredients available

Vet approved
Nutritionist approved
Dog approved

Dog food that isn't a chemistry experiment