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Fresh. From Farm to Bowl.

100% Natural Fresh Dog Food. Real meat with ZERO additives, delivered throughout the UK.

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100% Complete, Natural Pet Food,
Served Fresh.

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No preservatives, no additives and absolutely no nasties.

No cheap fillers that can cause allergies and flare ups.

Gently cooked for just the right time here on our farm in Essex.

Delivered to your door frozen fresh as often as you'd like.

Fresh is not just for humans

Fresh is not just for humans

Delivered frozen. Just defrost as needed for an always fresh meal

Good Food = Happy, Healthy Dogs

Since 2013 we’ve been working with approved vets & nutritionists to develop the most healthy, homemade fresh food for dogs.

Emma & Doris

I have had this for about a month now & my fur is so much shinier! My dry patches which were starting to loose fur have come back amazingly! This is not an ad, I just want to share our thoughts! Oh, & it’s DANNNNNG tasty! 😛

Patricia & Cooper

Fresh! That's how I like my food just like how hoomans do! Thanks to Pets Love Fresh @petslovefresh we have the best of both worlds, fresh and tasty food so mum never need to worry about me leaving food behind.

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