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My order hasn't arrived yet

Occasionally DPD deliver to the wrong addresses (by mistake). Check the link in your DPD emails/text to see where the food has been delivered to.

Also, on occasion, DPD also may not deliver time if they have recalled the pack (due to delays their end causing food to defront). In this case they often put 'delivered to dispose'. If you see this message, please let us know.

If your delivery still hasn't turned up and you think it should have, please contact us using one of the below options.

My dog has allergies, what's in your food?

Our dog food contains absolutely no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.

All our dog food contains fresh meat, dried egg products, minerals, lignocellulose, dried algae, chicory inulin, vitamins, cranberry powder.

For full reciple information please visit our product pages.

I want to change my order/subscription

For subscriptions, head to your account page. There you can change swap products or add and remove things to your orders.

You can also change delivery dates and everything else to do with your order.

If your order has already shipped, you can no longer change it, but all changes you make will affect future orders.

Can I buy the taster pack with a different flavour?

Our taster packs come with chicken as standard and aren't yet available in other flavours.

If you're dog cannot eat chicken due to medical reasons but you'd still like to try Pets Love Fresh, please get in touch using one of the options below.

My order arrived defrosted

If your order is only partially defrosted its still fine to both use and freeze.

We send our food out in insulated boxes and when you open up the box you should see that the food is either still completely frozen or partially frozen.

If the food is partially frozen on arrival (i.e. partially defrosted) it is still 100% fine to freeze and use in the fridge as per normal (you may need to cut through a chub to see if still frozen in the middle - or if wanting to be more scientific stick a thermometer in it).

If it has fully defrosted, then please get in touch with us.

We send the food out at -19 degrees in the insulated liners, so even if the food partially defrosts on the outside edge, in the core it should still be frozen and the overall temperature in the packs won't get above 3/4 degrees celsius if still in the wool liners.

We have stress tested the food at various temperatures for 1 - 8 days to check the bacteria / microbial activity to be 100% sure that it is safe in different conditions that we recommend.

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