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Meet The Team

We're on a mission to improve dog's lives. We're a small team of dog lovers that are dedicating all of our time and energy to ensuring that dogs are being fed the most healthy and nutritious food possible.

If you think you'd like to join our team, just drop us a message. We're always looking for kind and enthusiastic souls who can help us transform how our four legged friends live.

Mark & Holly


Mark is a simple man that loves nothing more than walking Holly along the beach down in Poole early in the morning.

James & Pebbles


James is jack (russell) of all trades. A dog whisperer extraordinaire, that is unless you speak with Mike’s dog Tita, who for some reason wants James gone.

Mike & Tita


The old guard of both the office and the home, Mike is the creative genius, whist Tita is the barking Generali keeping us all on our toes (literally as she goes for them).

Jess & Rafa

Logistics Manager

When Jess isn’t running the office organising suppliers, she’s dreaming of hanging out with gorgeous Otis.

Alison & Nero

Social Media & Relations Manager

Juggling our social media, partnerships and actually everything thrown at her come easy to Ali. Well what wouldn't when you've got 3 kids under five!

Alex, Reggie & Zeus

Customer Relations

Reggie and Zeus are blessed with the softest coats known to mankind and eyes that can melt the coldest heart. Alexandra is our kind and considerate customer relations and social media manager.

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