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How long do dogs normally sleep?

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A Dog's Sleep Needs

A dog's sleep needs depend on a number of factors, their breed, age, and activity levels. In general, puppies and senior dogs require more sleep than adult dogs.


  • Sleep Duration: Up to a whopping 18 hours a day, though not all in one session!
  • Pattern: Multiple short naps throughout the day

Adult Dogs

  • Sleep Duration: 10-14 hours a day
  • Sleepy Breeds: Bulldogs, Basset Hounds, Newfoundlands
  • Active Breeds: Border Collies, Terriers

Senior Dogs

  • Sleep Duration: More than adult dogs
  • Pattern: Increased sleep as they age, especially towards the end of their life

Every dog is unique, so these times can vary. Ensuring they have a comfortable place to rest and a consistent routine can help them get the sleep they need.


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