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Which dog breeds are best with children?

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Dogs & Children

While a dog's temperament and behaviour are influenced by various factors, including their upbringing and socialisation, certain breeds are generally known for being good with children.

The best-tempered and most tolerant dogs are typically those that were well-socialised with children during their key socialisation window (between 3-16 weeks of age).

Here are some dog breeds known for being more placid and less prone to anxiety, making them great companions for families with children:


Labradors are friendly, patient, and great with children. They are known for their gentle nature and are highly trainable.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers are affectionate, loyal, and good-natured. They are typically very patient with children and are eager to please.

Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise are cheerful and playful. Their small size and gentle demeanor make them suitable for families with younger children.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

These dogs are known for their friendly and affectionate nature. They are gentle, adaptable, and enjoy being around people, making them great family pets.


Beagles are friendly, curious, and good-natured. They tend to be patient with children and enjoy playing, making them a great addition to active families.


Boxers are energetic, playful, and protective. They are known for their patience with children and their loyalty to their families.

Boston Terrier

Boston Terriers are friendly, intelligent, and adaptable. They have a gentle disposition and are known for their playful nature, making them a great choice for families with children.

Remember, individual temperament can vary, so it's important to meet and spend time with any dog before bringing them into your home to ensure they are a good fit for your family. Proper training and socialisation are key to raising a well-behaved and happy dog.

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