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Raw food: not ideal for the majority of dogs

September 10, 2020

As more people turn away from kibble and look for alternative ways to feed their dogs, many are turning to raw food diets. The raw food diets claim to offer all the fresh ingredients a dog needs, in a form that the dog’s wild ancestor, the wolf, eats it. However, nutrient deficiency and pathogen transmission are known issues with raw dog food. As a result, it may not be as good an alternative to commercial dry and wet food, in comparison to low temperature cooked dog foods.

Convenience of Kibble vs Healthy Fresh Dog Food

July 16, 2020

The convenience of kibble as a food for our dogs is apparent, and clever marketing has even led to the belief that it is the best food out there for our dogs’ health. However, afflictions affecting our dogs are becoming more and more common and nutrition is linked to many of these ailments. As a result, we may need to change our shopping habits to look for foods that improve our dogs’ health, over those that are convenient to use.