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Taster Pack - Adult

Taster Pack

What’s Inside:

Everything you need to start feeding your dog 100% fresh, natural food.

3 X 600g Simply Chicken
1 X Bamboo Chopping Board
1 X Glass Fridge Container
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DPD next day delivery UK & NI • Delivered frozen fresh

Complete, natural nutrition served fresh

No ingredients you can’t pronounce. Everything a dog needs for a balanced nutritionally complete diet. Gently cooked here on the farm and delivered frozen fresh to your door.

British meat
Quality British sources of protein to supply amino acids needed for hair, skin, nails, muscles, tendons, ligaments, and cartilage
Organic Brown Rice
Fibre to aid digestion and support gut health
Vitamins & Nutrients
Carefully balanced and easily digestible vitamins and minerals including calcium and phosphorous
Rich, natural and easily digestible source of vitamin C and antioxidants
Easily digestible protein, riboflavin, and selenium
Supports a supple skin and shiny coat and naturally provides DHA and EPA fatty acids known to support brain development

Our recipes:

Simply Chicken

This delicious recipe contains 70% human grade chicken meat that would normally be sold in supermarkets, and absolutely no artificial colours or flavours, no dairy, no soya and no added wheat.


Chicken meat (70%), organic brown rice flour, chicken liver (3%), egg products dried, minerals, lignocellulose, dried algae, chicory inulin, vitamins, cranberry powder.


Vitamin D: 970 IU/kg

Trace Elements:

Zinc chelate of protein hydrolysates; Zinc sulphate monohydrate (Zinc: 30 mg/kg), Iron(II) sulphate monohydrate (Iron: 20 mg/kg), Cupric sulphate pentahydrate (Copper: 2.5mg/kg), Manganese chelate of protein hydrolysates; Manganous sulphate monohydrate (Manganese: 2mg/kg), Coated granulated calcium iodate, anhydrous (Iodine: 0.5mg/kg), Selenised yeast inactivated; Sodium selenite (Selenium: 0.030 mg/kg)

Analytical Constituents:

  • Crude Protein: 13.70%
  • Crude Oils & Fats: 5.40%
  • Crude Fibres: 1.00%
  • Crude Ash: 2.10%
  • Moisture: 74.00%


This recipe has been carefully formulated using all natural ingredients to provide complete dog nutrition.

Fresh Means <br>Fresh!
Fresh Means <br>Fresh!

Fresh Means

  • No Additives
  • No Preservatives
  • 100% Natural


We use high quality natural ingredients including human grade British farmed chicken. We gently cook the food on our farm at a low temperature and deliver it frozen fresh to your door. This means that all the goodness from the food makes it fresh to your dog's bowl. 

Cooking the food is important to ensure that all dangerous bacteria are killed off and importantly cooked food is easier to digest. Unfortunately mass produced kibbles and tinned foods are cooked at very high temperatures and this kills off any good nutrition in the proteins and amino acids in the food. 

We use DPD next day delivery service to ensure that the food arrives at your door frozen fresh.

Store the food in the freezer and defrost in the fridge. Each chub has a 5 day 'fridge life' once defrosted. 

Absolutely! There are three primary reasons why Pets Love Fresh is better than raw food. Firstly, the ingredients going in to our food are higher quality and better balanced than raw foods. Secondly, gently cooked food is easier to digest for dogs ensuring that they are getting the most nutrition possible from the food. Thirdly, by cooking our food we are killing any dangerous bacteria and pathogens such as listeria or e-coli. 

This really depends on your dog's medical condition. We know from our research that our food will help with allergies and intolerances as the high quality single protein source we use is easy to digest and we have used natural ingredients known to aid digestion. If unsure, request your vet to look at our 'FULL NUTRITIONAL INFO' section to see if any of the ingredients may cause a problem for your dog. 

Here's a link to our feeding guide:


Every dog is different so please use this as a guide.

If mixing our food with kibble, then just take the recommendations from the kibble and reduce the amount of Pets Love Fresh proportionately (i.e. if using 30% of the kibble recommended daily amount, reduce Pets Love Fresh recommended daily amount by 30%).

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    Mrs. Christine Willis
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Happy Dog

    After 4 years of trying to please a very fussy Cavapoochon with a sensitive tummy we decided to try pets love fresh. We didn’t hold out much hope and thought here we got again another food he will turn his nose up to and walkaway, so much food has ended up in the bin, even vet prescription food. How wrong was I, he loves it, a light bulb moment we have waited so long for. The taster pack was brilliant with the wooden board, which has become his choice of bowl and the glass container to store the opened roll. I like how you can order different sizes, flavours and quantity, you can have a small amount if you wish. So far it’s brilliant to see him enjoy food that’s is natural, human grade and exceptional quality with none of the nasties. His eyes are bright, coat is glossy, full of energy and of course perfect poos and no smelly wind. I’m on my second order and will definitely be ordering again for his go to food. Just brilliant!!

    Mark B.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    nice little starter pack

    i loved it perfect taster pack with the chopping board and storage container and food with very reasonable price Lucy loved the food as she can be picky with her food and I'm also knowing she's eating healthy food A+++

    Chloe T.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    5 stars

    Blown away with the quality of the food my Italian greyhound goes mad for it , if she happy I happy . I ordered the tester pack which is brilliant and now we’re hooked

    Sarah C.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Excellent and value for money

    This is an excellent taster pack - it comes with a chopping board and container along with 3 chubs of food. Instructions were clear and the service with next day delivery available is excellent. My dog loves the food and we have purchased a further supply.

    Ann R.
    United Kingdom United Kingdom

    Game changer!!!

    I have two chihuahua’s one is four nearly five years old the other is five months old now. I will break this review down into two sections for each dog just in case there’s something that you can relate to and it helps. Firstly my boy who is nearly five years old, I have had lots of problems with his foods in the past he is extremely fussy and doesn’t eat with enthusiasm usually. He does get tummy issues when it comes to pooping which I’ve never solved no matter what I’ve tried, he had yellow slightly runny ****. He also started to sleep a lot, have bad breath and his coat looked greasy, also he gets blocked **** glands that will form a lump and usually require a vet trip. He didn’t want his kibble most of the time so I put him on wet food that said it was natural but it gave him watery ****, I came across this and my word what a difference! I have waited four weeks to write this review just to make sure but the difference was pretty much immediate, firstly his glands emptied on their own, then I noticed his energy levels matched that of my puppy then his coat is amazing so soft and shiny! I am so pleased with this food and for him words cannot describe it!!!! Now for my five month old puppy she came from the breeder on a very popular expensive and vet recommended kibble now she would eat anything there was no problem with that but I noticed her *** was drying white on the patio so I googled it and wasn’t to happy with the results, she also had bald patches appearing on her hind legs and going up to her sides they appeared to make her agitated as they itched. I popped her onto this and wow again her *** is now normal and her fur is growing back nicely but not just that her coat is amazing! Yes it’s more expensive to feed them this rather than buy a bag of kibble but I do think that you pay for what you get which are happier healthier pooches! In the long run it may well save on vet bills so winner winner chicken dinner I hope this helps others out there!