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Help thousands of dogs enjoy tastier, more nutritious food whilst vastly improving their lives.

Trainers, breeders, nutritionists, vets, influencers, join our ranks as we completely change what our dogs are eating!


Delicious deliveries

We'll send you free food every month for your own dog (or dogs), but also to share with any friends, family or customers to show how good the food really is.

Referral commissions

For everyone that signs up to Pets Love Fresh using your code, we'll send you money. Or, if you'd prefer, you can choose for us to donate this money to a favourite dog charity.

Free goodies to test

We'll give you advance warning of product launches, changes and invite you to events we're part of. We'll also ask you to test and feed back on new products and ideas.

Part of the team

We're only a small team but with your help we can have an oversize impact on dog's health across the country. Now it's the time to drastically improve their lives!


Giving something back

Not all dogs enjoy loving, happy homes. We're working on great initiatives across the country to ensure that dog shelters receive delicious Pets Love Fresh and we're always looking for more ways to help.

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