Managing Your Pets Love Fresh Subscriptions

Now that you have a subscription with Pets Love Fresh, we would like to show you how you can navigate your Pets Love Fresh account to be in complete control of all your deliveries. Your account is where you can view and edit all of your upcoming food deliveries. You have the ability to change your subscriptions, edit the date your food arrives or update the frequency of your deliveries. You can also pop your prescription on pause if you would like to take a little break from your regular deliveries. Below we will guide you through each of these steps. 

How To Log Into Your Account...

Login to your account via our website or Login now.
 fresh dog food delivery
Enter you email and password to access your account. 

You also have an option to reset your password by clicking

‘Forgot your password?’.

This will send a link to your email, just follow the instructions provided to get access to your account again. 


Your Account 

Your account homepage displays all of your personal account details and previous orders you have received. From here you can access your current subscriptions by clicking 'Manage Subscriptions'.

Manage Subscriptions Homepage

You will now have access to your subscriptions homepage. Here you can see all of your subscription details. Such as your next delivery date, the products in your subscription, your payment details and the frequency of your orders. There are also several drop down boxes below where you can continue to edit your subscription.

Change Your Delivery Date

If you would like to adjust the day of your next delivery, you can do this by clicking on ‘Change date’ besides the ‘Next Order Date’. You can then choose to bring your next delivery date forward or push it back by a few days or weeks by selecting a new day on the drop down calendar. Remember to click ‘Save Changes’ after you have amended this. This option is perfect for when you are heading off on holiday or are still trying to get to grips with your dogs new feeding routine. They may have chomped through their fresh food faster or slower than first expected.

Change the Frequency of Your Deliveries 

If you are happy with your current delivery date but would like to adjust the amount of time in-between your orders from now on, you simply click on ‘Change Frequency’ and select the number of weeks or months between each order in the drop down boxes. Be sure to click ‘save changes’ after you edit this. Adjusting the frequency of your order is great when you are just getting started feeding fresh and still getting to grips with your dogs new feeding routine. You can get the number of weeks between each order just right using this tool.

Skipping an Order

From time to time you may need skip a delivery. This feature is great for when you are happy with all of your current subscription settings but you just want to skip one for the moment. (Perhaps whilst your pup recovers from an illness or you're off on holiday). You can do this via the 'Manage Upcoming Orders' section in the drop down menu. Then select 'Skip Order' for the delivery date that you wish to skip. 



Remove or Swap Products in your Subscription

If you would like to mix up the recipes your dog receives each delivery or if they have found they have a favourite recipes, you can swap the items in your subscription or remove them entirely. You can do this by scrolling down through the drop box menu on your 'Manage Subscription' page and selecting 'Products in your Subscription'.


You are then presented with each of the items you currently have in your subscription. You can then choose to remove or swap your recipes. Please note that you can not swap Puppy food, treats or accessories. To changes these items you will need to add alternative products to your subscription and remove the unwanted products from your subscription. Select 'Swap Product' to change current items.


Select which recipes you would like to swap your current products with. This is done by selecting the drop down menu under each recipe. You will have a choice of 1-12 x Chubs in either 600g or 1kg roll sizes. Once you have chosen your recipe and quantity, click 'Select'.



Then make sure to 'Save Changes' to your subscription or 'Cancel Swap' to revert back to your original products in your subscription. 


Editing your Personal Details 

You can edit your personal details by selecting any of the drop down boxes below. This is useful for you need to change your payment information if your card is going to expire or change your address and shipping information if you are moving to a new address. Simply select the drop down box you require and then click ‘Edit’ next to the information you want to update. Always save your changes.



Pausing Your Subscription

Going abroad for a while or your dogs are temporarily on medicated food? You can stop your deliveries from coming to you for any period of time by pausing your subscription. You simply click ‘Pause’ under ‘Subscription Status’ and your account will go from ‘Active’ to ‘Paused’.

Your account can be restarted at any point by simply clicking ‘Resume Subscription’. Double check you are happy with your next delivery date after your short time away from us. 


Cancelling your subscription 

If the time come to close your account with us, you can cancel your account by clicking ‘Cancel Subscription’ drop down box. If you could give us a bit of feedback on why you are saying goodbye to Pets Love Fresh (or send us an email if we can help further). Then click “Cancel Subscription’.

Just in case, we are still always here to help...

Your account allows you to stay in control of all your Pets Love Fresh subscriptions and deliveries. However, if at any point you still require assistance using your account, the Pets Love Fresh team are always here to help.

Send us an email at or call us at 01245 791988.