Dogs Profound Positive Impact On Our Mental Health

It is Mental Health Awareness Week, we wanted to share some stories about how our community of furry friends has positively impacted their owners' mental health.

It is estimated that roughly one in four people in the UK will experience a mental health issue each year. Dogs can make a huge difference, offering kindness and companionship that help us navigate the hardest times.

How Dogs Have Helped My Mental Health

  • @huskyfamilyxx “Having my huskies has helped me a lot. Unconditional love as I walk through the door, comfort when I’m feeling upset by cuddling and booping. I often hate the thought of leaving the house but once I’m out with my dogs it’s the best feeling in the world no one loves like a dog.

    When I feel down I remember that there are five floofs depending on me”
  • @thatbrindlebernie “Bernie has really helped me with my anxiety. Before I had Bernie I would hardly go outside because I’d just be worrying about what people think of me and the thought of talking to new people would make me worried and get worked up.

    But since I got Bernie he has given me a reason to get up bright and early in the morning and not spend my day slumped in bed.

    Taking him out on a walk has obviously gotten me in situations where I have to talk to people and the more I started doing it when I first got him the more confident I started feeling and over time I wasn’t so scared of socialising anymore. Bernie coming into my life has honestly been the best gift I have ever received and I feel so much happier, confident and relaxed in myself”
  • @hugo.theredcockapoo “I know it may seem dramatic to some, but I just simply wouldn't be here without Hugo. As someone who has ADHD, Depression, Anxiety and BPD, I have a lot of up and down days and he's there for every high and every low. If he isn't cuddling me, he's running round and getting up to mischief which makes me laugh.

    He makes sure I get my daily dose of fresh air and my steps in which has a really positive effect on my mood and has made me so much more social with friends when doing 'dog play dates' or dog walks together. I couldn't be without him”
  • @thepurrfect_trio “My boy gives me purpose everyday. I have someone else to focus on when I'm stressed or anxious and having a bad day and just going for a walk with him and seeing that happy face looking back at me makes everything else fall away!

    I can totally relate to Hugos mum, I probably wouldn’t be here without him and if I was I would be very lost.”

Owning A Dog Offers More Than Just Companionship

As you can see from the first hand accounts from some of the paw-rents in our community owning a dog offers more than just companionship; it provides a wealth of mental health benefits that can significantly improve your wellbeing.
From reducing stress and anxiety to encouraging physical activity and social interaction, dogs have a unique way of enhancing our emotional well-being.
If you're considering getting a dog, remember that the love and care you give to them will be returned tenfold, contributing positively to your mental health.