Dog Dental Health Month, happens every February, reminding all dog lovers the importance of oral hygiene in our furry friends.

Regular dental care, including brushing, dental treats and professional cleaning, is crucial.

Did you know that brushing your dog's teeth 2-3 times a week is recommended, and around 80% of dogs develop dental disease by age 3?

Top tips for doggy dental care:

Regular Brushing:

Use dog-specific toothpaste and gradually incorporate brushing into their routine.

Dental Treats and Toys:

Give your doggo dental chews or toys to help naturally clean teeth during chewing.

Healthy Diet:

Choose high-quality, low-sugar dog food to reduce tartar and plaque buildup. Try Pets Love Fresh recipes today!

Regular Check-ups:

Schedule dental check-ups with your vet for assessments and professional cleanings.

Monitor Signs:

Watch for signs of dental issues like bad breath, swollen gums, or discolored teeth.

Start Early:

Introduce dental care routines to your dog from a young age for easier maintenance.

By incorporating some or all of these simple practices into your dog's routine, you can help ensure they maintain good dental health and overall well-being throughout their life.